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Cooking Class

Pick up some cooking skills and learn how to make authentic Costa Rican dishes, including homemade corn tortillas.


During the lesson, you’ll also hear about the customs and traditions of the country’s farmers. And, at the end of class ¡Enjoy a coffee on the freshly prepared meal along with us!

Dance Class

mmerse yourself in Costa Rica's vibrant and friendly culture by learning to Dance Like a Local! Sign up for our Dance Lessons with a local instructor to get your feet moving to the beats Latin music.


Looking for fresh and tasty food?

Rancho de Lelo offer you a variarity of unique, fresh and exclusive dishes coming right out from farmers of San Luis community, and of course our Tilapia ponds.

You can even catch your own tilapia from our tilapia farm!!

Activities in Monteverde

Once you are in Monteverde, get ready to explore!

Monteverde offers a wide variety of activities: Fly in the sky with the
zipline, get up-close with nature in the world-famous cloud forest reserves, or just relax and breathe in the deep, pure mountain air.

​Let our experts help you plan your activities, to make sure you get the
most out of your experience. We will show you the best of Monteverde and also our lovely farming community of San Luis.

Relax, we’ve got you covered!

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